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Ted, I’ve been trying to tell you this for years. Your bacon allergy is a lie your mother made up so you’d eat healthy as a kid.

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Emma Stone and Coldplay - SNL Promo

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“I have known Joe Gordon-Levitt for going on 12 years. We first met in the summer of 2000 while doing a tiny movie called Manic, where we bonded over a mutual appreciation for Harry Nilsson and Nina Simone and I have been lucky enough to call him one of my dearest friends ever since. When we did 500 Days of Summer 8 years later, we spent every lunch hour dancing to Marvin Gaye in the hair and make up trailer; we had loads of fun. I hope to do a thousand more movies with him because he’s simply the best.”

Can they get married already?

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All these places have their moments

with lovers and friends

I still can recall. (at In My Life - The Beatles)

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summertime, as I recline
lay back and relax,
let the sun shine. (at Lazy Afternoon - The Roots)

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excuse me for a while
while I’m wide eyed
and I’m so damn caught in the middle. (at Strong - London Grammar)

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like a gust of wind
you remind me there’s someone up there
who ushers in the air
I need to power my sail. (at Gust of Wind - Pharrell)

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unless I have someday
ran my wandering mind away. (at Montezuma - Fleet Foxes)

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Ty Burrell

- Because he always makes me laugh.

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I’m 420% sure :))))))))

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"there’s an empty space inside my heart where the weeds take root
and now I’ll set you free” (at Lotus Flower - Radiohead)

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Boat ornaments.

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”..the earth is wild, you’ve got no time..” (at Wild - Beach House)

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Look at the sky. That sunset is madness. (at High Speed - Coldplay)

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